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LEAP Legal Software

Whether you are looking for training on how to create your own automated documents in LEAP, or would like your documents automated for you, we can assist. 

With over 10 years of experience working at, and with LEAP, our Principal Consultant Bianca knows LEAP inside and out, and can help your firm make the most of the available functionality. Together with our programming knowledge, we can take your automation to the next level using more advanced functionality programmable in JavaScript and the Document Customisation Engine in LEAP. 

Our expert level knowledge of LEAP means we can deliver this work for you as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the highest standard.

We can take on a project level or adhoc document basis - send through a document or two and see how much time we can save you!  


If you are opening up your new firm or moving to Clio, we can assist with the setup and customisation for your Clio data file.

- working with your data for import

- data file setup (e.g. invoice templates, matter templates, custom fields, forms)

- document and email templates

EXCEL/CSV - Working with Data

Are you moving systems and need your data in a specific format to import?

Need a one off report for a client or project?

Let us know what you need, we'll see if we can help!

We have assisted firms with LEAP Excel Transitions, Clio Imports, project management spreadsheets for specific projects, and custom accounting/KPI reports for firm meetings

Any jobs big or small, if you need them crossed off your to-do list send them through and we'll see if we can assist!

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